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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the World Population

A document for worldwide distribution

Germany, Luebeck, 30 January 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

You or others will still learn to serve here on earth or elsewhere, you partly miserable creatures of God on earth!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers! 

What are you or others actually imagining? Why do you keep the necessary information in the matter and order of the Lord and Creator to yourselves and do not pass it on? Unfortunately, my person already lacks the words to describe what kind of strangely sick people or creatures you or others are, who will actually believe that my person, for example, has to bear the dirt of others or should be meant to shape her life as a martyr on God's earth.

What do you actually think you are; are you mentally deficient or mentally severely limited actors or who or what are you? Your behaviour shows a deficit of healthy thinking and indicates that you should indeed be incapacitated in many respects in order to be able to provide future-oriented and effective protection for humanity. Are you and others unable or incapable of informing each other by also helping yourselves and by serving the Monumental-Realm and that you or others will not wait solely for outside action or help?

Every person in the world who has already been contacted by the Monumental-Realm through the use of people or otherwise, however the phenomenon may have occurred, has to  "come out" himself or herself or is obliged to give a clear description of the facts to the competent Authorities or persons concerned.

At the great expense of others, most informed people are acting and distorting what are actually clear facts, but forget that any protective function, such as that of the Authorities, which consists of three people, will eventually disintegrate if the filth caused to humanity is not tackled and eliminated from the world!

The sick nation or the sick nations of the earth are called upon to serve but not the Authorities have to do, who only have to serve the Monumenta-realm! You are the ones who urgently need help and should no longer be the ones who want to destroy the Authorities.

Without the Authority, the clear facts of your life would be obvious and unprotected for everyone to see or would be actively enforced, don't forget that! Nobody was born here to have a good time at the high expense of others and certainly not to decide who is allowed to come into the world and who is not! Similarly, no one should allow the human right to food and drinking water to apply not only to some people or some states in the world, but every adult should ensure that this basic right applies equally to all people in the world!

According to the general perception of the population of capitalist states, the right to food and drinking water probably only applies to the elite class of the obviously open institution for the mentally handicapped of all rich states! And now it's time for you to get to know my person better, because I am exclusively responsible for the education of the people and will let* not be "talked into it" by the Emperor or King!

My person takes over the education in co-operation with the Cudgel of my person, because my person is predestined for this! Anyone who feels unfairly treated has the right to consult King Juergen or Emperor Diethard or to raise a well-founded objection with the team or staff under this predetermined world rule, because many things that have to be set in motion or implemented by humanity cannot always be equally fair for everyone.

In order to achieve the highest possible justice for all people, in every capitalist state or rich part of the world, one day a week will have to be set aside for starvation so that people understand what they have allowed to happen for decades despite the above-mentioned situation and fact, especially in Africa.

Exceptions prove the rule and concern pregnant women and children up to the age of sixteen. Sick and very old people are also exempt from this particular day of the week.

Humanity implements the ban on food intake on a day determined for the respective people by your Empress! Through food stamps and, in addition, through government stockpiling of food and drink, the whole endeavour can succeed and be implemented worldwide. Furthermore, with a fair degree of certainty and accuracy, the Cudgel of my person will ensure that anyone who is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of many Africans will have their food and drink knocked out of their hands and spilt. If they try to eat the food from the ground or get hold of a drop of water if necessary, they will also be hit in the back!

Anyone who wants to help such a person must expect to have everything knocked out of his or her hand that would have been necessary for survival! The same applies to any individual who disobeys the Authorities or world rule. Preferably the millionaires and billionaires will have to learn very quickly that they have created a paradise on earth at the high cost of others, in that many of these people have already died as a result!

Not only at the high cost of others, but at the highest cost "ever", most of the population classes try to suppress everything that has happened extraordinarily and unfortunately forget that there is a completely natural instinct for self-preservation, which will also apply to the entire history of Creation!

You or others had better not overdo it, for example by not letting a member of my family be chased around the country any longer and exploiting him to the hilt, because my person will be the only one who can and will wield the Cudgel with her own hand, provided of course that soldiers are present at best, otherwise the federal police will have to be present! Of course, an ambulance and the necessary personnel will also have to be on hand, because every one of these mentally damaged people who will have "worked their way through" by my children or grandchildren in this respect should be given this chance!!!

The King and the Emperor will of course be able to order soldiers to bring someone to their senses if the Cudgel does not react appropriately to the situation! In contrast to the thousands of starving people, this document will give every millionaire or billionaire a fair chance to act immediately and sustainably, but then the good-naturedness and generosity must end, because then it's payday!

Now, for example, my person has to go to the post office of one of the zoo shops in the home town of my person  once again to pick up her parcel, because the DHL-service sees fit that my person once again had to wait first one day for the announced parcel, for example, even though a DHL-van drove past my person's front door, whereby on the following day of the week, the DHL-app again announced the delivery, but then during the course of the day the app again sent a message stating that the parcel was now on its way to the post office of the smelly zoo shop and that I would have to wait for the next announcement from the app to be able or obliged to collect the parcel!

This and other things are not the first time that my person has had to put up with this cheekiness from some of the DHL-delivery staff and there is no way to complain to DHL about these and other machinations and complications of delivery or non-delivery of parcels.

This clearly shows that you or others have not informed these people, mostly foreigners, about the matter and are letting them run riot by leaving everything imaginable to the Monumental sector, which has not made sense for a long time, because why is my person actually posting documents or letters, some of which were not entirely harmless for the life of my person and are still not entirely harmless today with regard to sick psychiatrists or judges?

These documents or letters are intended as information material and thus as an extremely important and necessary help and guidance by orders for humanity and have not been written so that my person can justify herself, you worldwide trained actors or actresses who have just launched the two billion "Icon of the Seas"!

2 billion euros equals 2,000 million euros (2,000,000,000) for a floating fairground for around 9,500 passengers, including staff. You or others will still have to learn to serve here or elsewhere and, above all, you or others will have to learn to starve, otherwise there is a danger that subsequent generations will make the same mistake by let* starving or dying of thirst people* on other continents of the world!

And that is why all the peoples of the world will please explain to their children that for decades there are or have been many children in the world who have not been given anything to eat or drink, even though the Empress has always called in writing for food to be shared. And now this Empress has an invisible Cudgel, which belongs to this "real or proper" Empress, who must ensure that justice is done for all the peoples of the world, even if some people have to starve to death in a crowded grocery shop!

You and others must finally ensure that all the documents of my person are put into practice, because you and everyone else, not my person, are the ones who have to justify yourselves, and you or others can do this best by serving world rule unreservedly and unquestioningly today!

If my person has to wait any longer for her pocket money, then the next measure will be the complete dismantling of all toilet bowls in many large cities, in which the sewerage networks must also be broken up or interrupted in order to protect the remaining flexibility of the earth's crust due to the ignorance of the construction companies, because you or others have not read or understood my person's letters! A communal earth closet for the collection of excrement on every street corner, as well as a chamber pot and a watering can for everyone will then be needed of all residents to be able to relieve themselves!

With kind regards, Ursula Sabisch


HP: My person very much hopes that the King and the Emperor will "get along" with such an Empress, but another Empress is certainly not wanted and has not been thought of!  If there is not enough time, then at least everything must be done to limit the damage in the matter by making the entire " Creation Story" free!

* Expression corrected on 31. January 2024.