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Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Helloween and the Reformation of the EU

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Citizens of the EU



Luebeck, 1st. November 2023

That German language document you may find here!

Helloween and the Reformation of the EU

Dear Readers, Dear Sirs,

Today I would like to make* clear again, so that the matter and the commission can remain realisable.

It must be quite clear to every reasonably educated and healthy person that no one is allowed and no one is entitled to make any kind of judgement in this Monumental matter, especially with regard to irreplaceable persons!

Preferably, of course, this applies in reference to the Authorities, whereby the male Authorities of your Authority are untouchable and an irreversible expulsion from the house into the hereafter must be the consequence of such misbehaviour of the of today`s dirty* muckrakers and will certainly be pre-programmed!

The same applies in a slightly weakened form of discrimination to a Prince, such as the son or children and grandchildren of the Authorities, as well as to the present Prince Consort of the Empress as well as to any Princess, but it certainly applies to the future Queen. The true Clergy is also untouchable in this respect and this untouchability demands a clear and unequivocal announcement with the appropriate consequences!

Of course, my person could now write about the general exchange of wedding couples, however, in this dirty and cheap level, which allows more and more deceptions, lies and tricks, my person has simply run out of time and available power! As an appropriate medium, please ensure that none of the persons presented who will be on the front line in this matter are discriminated against in any way, which will explicitly apply to my sister's person. Without this fragile front, the world would already look very different today, you all better not forget it for a moment! If anyone "wilfully forgets" it and is quite simply too stupid or too sick to "reasonably" understand the reality and seriousness of the situation, then hopefully the invisible Cudgel of my person will bang on the buttocks in a sustained manner and the case will be solved!


HP: Some times you probably can't help but have to laugh quite simply at the situation presented, what should possibly be with regard to my person.

Because my person also has to laugh about you and others very often, also because many people are quite simply too stupid to live and of course, because laughing about oneself is also healthy or can be healthy!